Piñata smash cake mould

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I had so much fun creating these heart chocolates. I made them in several varieties, and I am going to tell you how each one turned out! I used the highest-quality ingredients, mostly from the baking aisle and craft stores for the heart mold and sprinkles. These turned out great! Chocolate hard made from chocolate melts, the heart is hollow, I seal them together if you are local and available to pick up or arrange for delivery To be shipped the heart is one sided and sealed after the goodies are inside.

Shipping has been better like this since packages are being mis treated. I will add chocolate, candy inside or something additional you want The hammer is needed to break it.

piñata smash cake mould

Strawberries can not be shipped since the post…. A new way to do a gender reveal cake! Ideal for chocolate work, helping on chocolate candy, truffle and easter egg production. Can be used for serving sweets, cold beverage and filling them with any fluid ganache, praline, mousses or any other creamy fillings.

Approx size: cavity cm : 18 x 12 cavity in : 7. Thanks for making us part of your celebration! Rolls of money inside. Valentine Desserts.Place approximately g of chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and slowly microwave the chocolate until runny for approximately 2 minutes, stopping and stirring after every 30 seconds until smooth.

Pour the melted chocolate into the mould or stainless steel bowl see note allowing enough to coat entirely. Tip: ensure your coating isn't too thick and get rid of excess chocolate if necessary—if it sets too thick it will make it extremely difficult to smash.

The chocolate needs to be rock hard before removing it from the fridge. If using a mould, this can take up to an hour. Once set, place the bowl on a table, flip it upside-down and very gently slide the chocolate shell out. Once the chocolate dome is out the bowl, fill with lollies and treats of your choice.

Place a board on top and gently turn it the right way around. Tip: use a paper serviette to flip it so that you don't get finger prints on the dome. Then it's time for the fun part—decorating! To add a bespoke touch for special occasions, you can create an edible plaque, writing your special message with milk chocolate on a white chocolate canvas.

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To create the chocolate canvas, melt white chocolate in the microwave as previously, to form the base of the plaque. Let cool slightly before forming into a chocolate sheet.

Lay out some baking paper and, using a knife or spatula, spread a thin but not too thin layer of white chocolate onto the paper. Tip: make the plaque small, or you'll have trouble gluing onto the cake later if it's too long. Once happy with thickness and edges, cool in the fridge for minutes before adding your writing. To create your own piping bag for the milk chocolate writing, simply take an ordinary zip lock sandwich bag, fill with a few tablespoons of the melted milk chocolate, and cut a tiny hole in one of the corners.

Test piping your letters through the hole before applying to the white chocolate plaque. Write your message or name on the white chocolate plaque and, once lettering has dried completely, use additional milk chocolate to "glue" the plaque to the dome.

Refer to the video tutorial above to see how it's done. Polycarbonate dome moulds are available from all good cake supply stores, but can be costly—a stainless steel dome bowl is a more affordable alternative.

If you opt to use the stainless steel bowl, use these alternative instructions before adding melted chocolate. Then coat with the melted chocolate, as above. Nine 9Honey Kitchen Entertaining. Claudia Abrahams, the brains behind Sydney Smash Cakes, shares an adorably spotty party cake, complete with a bespoke chocolate plaque to write a personalised message or name for the occasion.

Difficulty easy Cooking time less than 60 minutes Serves serves 10 or more. Ingredients Method g milk chocolate. Ingredients Method. Note: Polycarbonate dome moulds are available from all good cake supply stores, but can be costly—a stainless steel dome bowl is a more affordable alternative.

Share Mail Tweet Pinterest. Related Recipes Gallery Arrow Classic red velvet chocolate cake.Need an easy cake that will get the kids jumping up and down with excitement?

Or how about an egg free, gluten free cake recipe for a friend with allergies? For your chocolate pinata cake you will need: 1 container to use as a mold, the one I used was a disposable one from a cheap cake bought at the supermarket and was Chocolate: g 7.


Make sure you read the post on tempering chocolate first, untempered chocolate does not hold its shape at room temperature. If serving to someone with allergies check that the lollies you pick are suitable. Once they are set use more chocolate to attach them to the jaffas see video for demonstration.

Invert and take off the mold add your cherries using chocolate and then pipe on more chocolate to make the drips 3D. You can find the video on our Facebook account.

Thank you SO much for the idea and fantastic easy followed video. Your effort is very much appreciated! Hi Ann, How long can the chocolate mound kept in the fridge for? Will like to make the chocolate mound in advance and later fill in the lollies on the big day.

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Thanks great video. Going to make it for my daughter birthday. And wish you a lot of great tempered chocolate. Hi Ann! Hi Ann, How are you? My name is Darah. I love your tutorial on the pinata cake.

piñata smash cake mould

Also have you made this with small chocolate pieces or nuggets inside? My mother-in-law received one from her daughter. She ordered it online. It had different chocolate pieces. If you did, please let me know if it turned out okay. Hi Darah, If you are not concerned about the recipe being gluten free, you could use a variety of lollies for the cake. Hi Ann Love your website — I am new to it and just learning … Is there a video on how to make fill and then remove this cake from the mould?

Thanks so much. Hello, I love your recipes. I wanted to send a cake to my friend but it is very risky so when I found your pinata recipe, I have big hopes.

I am planning to make a cake like this and parcel it to her. You think the chocolate would melt during shipping time? Do I need to add anything to chocolate to prevent it from melting?These Smash Cakes have taken over the cake world by storm and they make perfect gifts for everybody! Basically a pinata in cake form, this Easter recipe by Claudia Abrahams of Sydney Smash Cakes is a winner for Easter, Christmas or any special occasion! You'll need a big bowl for this recipe. Place approx g of chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and slowly microwave the chocolate until runny for approximately 2 minutes stirring after every 30 seconds.

Pour the chocolate into the mould allowing enough to coat entirely. Then gently swirl the chocolate around the mould to cover entirely making sure the chocolate goes to the edge of the mould. Place bowl in the fridge until chocolate has set approx. The chocolate needs to be hard before removing it from the fridge. Place a board on top and gently turn it the right way around.

Then you can start to decorate which is the fun part! Spread a small amount of melted chocolate on the bottom of your three Lindt Gold Bunnies and stick them on the top of your SmashCake in a triangular shape. Get your mag delivered!

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Proudly supported by. Method Place approx g of chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and slowly microwave the chocolate until runny for approximately 2 minutes stirring after every 30 seconds.

Once set, turn the mould upside down and very gently slide the chocolate shell out the mould Once the chocolate dome is out the mould, fill with lollies and treats of your choice.

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piñata smash cake mould

March 9,am 0. Pinata Smash Cake is a local company based in Stoney Creek creating smash cake for every type of celebration. Tim Bolen went to visit Local Weather. Top News Stories.

Chocolate Pinata Cake, egg free, gluten free cake recipe

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Surprise Pinata Cake Mold

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